Patients & Families United

Patients & Families United is a statewide Montana support group for patients who use medical marijuana, regardless of their medical condition, and for patients who suffer from pain, whether they use medical marijuana or not.

Despite laws to the contrary (not to mention the U.S. and Montana constitutions), all these patients face persecution that causes unnecessary suffering seriously hurting them, their families and our society as a whole.

Patients & Families United offers them support, safely and legally ? and fights for patients? rights, to improve their lives.

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Adopted by voter-initiative in 2004, Montana’s compassionate medical marijuana law honors the findings of modern science which, in turn, affirm the knowledge of our ancestors: Cannabis (marijuana) is medicine, offering dramatic benefits in the treatment of numerous and varied but common medical conditions.

Montana holds the still-standing national record in voter support for medical marijuana (62%).

As of mid-2023, over 700 Montanans from 38 counties were registered in the state’s medical marijuana program, with recommendations from 150 physicians.

But the law is far from perfect, and in numerous ways Montana patients continue to suffer unnecessarily, unfairly.

Patients & Families United formed in late 2021 to serve the interests of these patients, and to provide a support system that might make their lives easier.

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